Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Denver Habitat Young Professionals!

Each year, Habitat Young Professionals (HYP) seeks to support Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver by bringing together HYP members and other socially conscious young professionals in order to fulfill three HYP-sponsored build days. This gives our members and volunteers the chance to connect and network with other like-minded individuals, all while transforming the community and providing low-income families with affordable homeownership opportunities.  

Whether you’re a skilled craftsperson or a novice who has never picked up a hammer, building with Habitat and HYP can be a life-changing experience - for both you and our homeowners. Please look for the next scheduled HYP Build Day on our Events page!

Do I need experience?

Don’t worry, no previous construction experience is necessary. Our skilled Habitat staff will teach you everything you need to know – helping you to safely make the community a better place!

 What should I bring on a Habitat build day?

  • Waiver - If you are a first time volunteer, please don’t forget to bring a signed waiver (available online)

  • Water – We do our best to supply water on site, but it is always a good idea to bring your own in case we begin running low (especially on hot summer days!)

  • Work gloves, if you prefer using your own pair – We do, however, provide work gloves on site for anyone who doesn't have a pair

  • Lunch – On HYP build days, we partner with local businesses and get lunch donated; but please feel free to bring your own lunch, especially if you have any dietary restrictions

What should I wear?

  • Sturdy, thick-soled shoes that are closed toed. Work and hiking boots tend to work best, as they are sturdier, but tennis shoes will work too (make sure to wear a pair you don’t mind getting dirty!)
  • Long pants and shirts (preferably covering shoulders) that you don’t mind getting paint or dirt on. Please, no shorts!
  • Heavy coat, layers, and/or rain jacket depending on the weather forecast
  • Hard hats, work gloves, tool belts and safety goggles will all be provided on site

What should I expect the day of the build?

Ready to pick up a shovel and hammer to start building the foundation? How about a brush to paint the exterior? Although tasks vary depending on the work site, everyone will have a chance to lend a hand where they feel most comfortable. 

A typical build day begins with a required safety orientation, which starts at 8:30 a.m. sharp. From there, tasks are assigned and for the rest of the day you will work alongside Habitat and HYP members, AmeriCorps members, future Habitat homeowners and other volunteers. The lunch break begins at noon and from there, we work for the remainder of the day (up until 4 p.m.) at which point it will be time to clean up the work site and sign out. 

Do the future homeowners participate on build days? 

A key aspect of the Habitat for Humanity Homeownership program is that all future homeowners must meet the required amount of “sweat equity.” In other words, all families must satisfy at least 500 hours of “sweat equity” by working alongside Habitat staff and volunteers in the construction of their own homes and those of their neighbors. This means you may have the opportunity to directly connect with the families and see firsthand how much of a difference you are making in their lives!

We hope to see you at the next HYP Build Day!